For plugin download and installation & usage instructions, visit this page.  Also see this demo page for an integration example using Joomla Fields.


[wr360embed name="view01" width="100%" height="500px" config="/360-assets/sampleshoe/config.xml"]

Multiple embedded views can be added on the same page or post by pasting the same shortcode with a different name, config and dimensions as needed (PRO license required).

Use this demo PixRiot config URL as shortcode config for testing shortcodes:


Click on this 360 icon to launch the popup:


Use the following shortcode to achieve the same effect:

[wr360popup name="view02" width="650px" height="550px" config="/360-assets/sampleshoe/config.xml"]your thumbnail image or text[/wr360popup]

To show a popup gallery of 360 views, add multiple wr360popup shortcodes with an extra parameter 'gallery':

Gallery popup 1
Gallery popup 2

The shortcodes don't have to go one after another as in the following example - you can arrange them anyway you like.

[wr360popup name="view02" gallery="true" title="Title 1" width="620px" height="450px" config="/360-assets/sampleshoe2/config.xml"]your thumbnail image or text[/wr360popup]
[wr360popup name="view03" gallery="true" title="Title 2" width="620px" height="450px" config="/360-assets/sampleshoe3/config.xml"]your thumbnail image or text[/wr360popup]


This shortcode relies on viewer's full-screen feature to expand a 360 view either via full-screen or full browser window (browserfs="true"). Click this 360 icon to launch it in full-browser window:

Example usage:

[wr360expand name="view04" browserfs="true" config="/360-assets/sampleshoe/config.xml"]your thumbnail image or text[/wr360expand]


To embed a video from PixRiot, enter wr360video shortcode as follows:

[wr360video name="video01" width="100%" aspectRatio="16/9" video="https://video-url-from-pixriot-share-standalone-tab"]

Use this demo PixRiot video URL as the shortcode video for testing: